July Tournament

After a record setting performance last month along comes Lake Marion. The Warriors opening tournament saw all 28 boats fill out a limit. This month we draw Lake Marion and what is normally a tough lake she was in a bad mood and took it out on every angler there. We sent out 24 boats and not one limit was recorded with only 2 teams catching four fish. The Warriors anglers managed only 22 bass,0 limits,13 zeros, 5 fish over 4 lbs,3 over 5lbs, and 2 over 6 for a total of 74.96.pounds of bass brought in. This was the clubs toughest day I can remember but keep in mind it still beats mowing grass . Rounding out the money spots in 6th place was Art Hill & Shawn Gibben with 7.77 lbs. Coming in 5th was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 8.56 lbs. 4th went to Jonny Bass & Chris with 8.98 lbs.3rd went to Chris & Travis Miller with 9.22 lbs. coming in 2nd was Austin Disbro & Jay Durinich with 11.90 Lbs. Top Honors went to Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 13.82 lbs. Big Fish went to Glen Dampier with a Marion Hog tipping the scale s at 7.36 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.


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