1. This is a team tournament.

2. All Lakes will be chosen by random draw at the meeting in advance. The meeting will be held at Frankie’s Place on the fourth Saturday of the month.The lake will be known only by the tournament director. The lake will be made public at 5:00 am the morning of the event. There will be two lakes drawn in case the first lake was the lake chosen is out because it was fished the month before we will go to the alternate lake chosen. The tournament director will open the lake choice 6 days in advance to allow him time to get exemption permit. If the morning of the event the lake that was chosen cannot be used the club will go to the original board method of lake choice and will follow all current state size limit rules.

3. The point system will be as follows, 100 points for first 99 for second down to the last team possessing legal fish. All other teams will receive a one point penalty for each boat that checks a fish. For example 20 boats compete and 10 check fish the remaining teams will receive 81 points. There will be 6 Bonus Points for 1st place, 3 Bonus Points for a limit and 3 Bonus Points for Big Fish.

4. There will be a pot for Big Fish of the Year. This will be paid to the two biggest fish weighed in in the regular season events. The angler catching the fish must qualify for the classic to be eligible for this prize.

5. All participants must fish at least 8 tournaments to qualify for the classic.

6. You may only fish the classic with a partner that you have fished at least one regular season event with and is a member in good standing before the start of the March tournament.

7. The Classic will be a two day event. Day one will be bracket day . Division 1 will be made up of  the top half of the teams with the most weight from day 1. All other teams will make up division 2. Day 2 weights will zero and all teams will compete on day 2. Division 1 teams will then compete for 60% of the Classic fund and division 2 will compete for the remaining funds. In case of a tie the team that finished higher in the year standings will be the day one winner.

8. In the case a tournament has to be canceled the day of the event all teams present will receive 25 show up points.

9. Boat numbers for all tournaments will be done by random drawing the morning of the tournament. All boats will wait for starter to call there number before leaving the take off position.

10. Membership dues will be $20.00.

11. Tournament fees will be $35.00 per person or $65.00 per team including big fish. $5.00 per boat to big fish. $15.00 will go to the classic fund. We will then pay on 1 and 5 bases.

12.  Providing that the club has exemption permits teams can weigh in fish that must be a least 12″ in length with no limits on large fish. If exemption permits are not available State of Florida fish size rules will be in affect. There will be a courtesy measures given at the scales provided the anglers ask before the fish are placed in the basket. It is the sole responsibility of each angler to know State of Florida fish size rules.

13. A five fish limit per team.

14. Any dead fish will result in a 4oz per fish penalty

15. Official time will be kept by tournament director.

16. All teams must have working live wells.

17. All state and federal rules and regulations apply.

18. All boat owners must have adequate insurance coverage.

19. Life vest must be worn if the big motor is operating.

20. Only artificial baits can be used.

21. Only one rod at a time can be used.

22. No trolling allowed.

23. All tournaments will start at safe light and will end at 2:00 pm.

24. The boat owner is the primary recipient of points. In the event one of the team members can not participate the earned points will be awarded to the boat as long as one of the original team members is participating.

25. All boats are to be kept at a safe distance from other boats during tournament. If a boat has its anchor out and trolling motor up you must stay back fifty yards.

26. If you chose to fish in a navigation area you must allow access to passing boats.

27. All protest will be heard by a protest comity. Final decision made by the tournament director.

28. All participants in the tournaments are participating of
there own free will and will hold the club and all
officers harmless of any damage or injury
sustained during any event.