March Tournament OUT WITH A BANG

WOW what a way to end the 20th season of the Weekend Warriors. With the threat of high winds and rain with possible thunder storms the expectations were not good that we would have a good finish to the regular season. That coupled with the lake being Marion I do not think anyone was really exited to go down. But just when you think its going to be tough mother nature sent most of the bad weather south and the day was mostly beautiful.  After a cloudy start the sun came out and all but about 20 minutes it was a nice day. Lake Marion has been very tough the last few times we came down but for the most part the anglers did very well with a few knocking it out of the park . We sent out 16 boats and the Warriors anglers managed 59 fish,8 limits, 7 fish over 4 lbs 4 over 5 lbs and 2 over 7 lbs for a total of 160.94 lbs of fish weighed in. Great job guys. Rounding out the money spots on 4the place was Austin Disbro &Jay Durinich with 11.92 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Chris & Travis Miller with 19.04 lbs. 2nd went to Art Hill & Shawn Gibben with a nice bag going 19.40 lbs. Top Honors went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with a great bag tipping the scales at 21.64 lbs. Big Fish went to Shawn Gibben with a Marion Toad going 7.74 lbs.

With the completion of this tournament time for a few congrats, Congrats to Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier this years Anglers of the Year by a close 3 points. This years Big Fish of the year went to Brian Northway with a stud going 8.70 lbs 2nd Big Fish of the year was caught today and will go to Shawn Gibben for his pig going 7.74 lbs. Congrats to all the winners now on the the Classic.

February Tournament

February can be one of the best months of the year to fish but you add in a cold front and high winds and everything changes. With stable weather all week long and then rain on Friday just in time for this months tournament what was about to be a fish fest turned into another grind. Lake Harris was this months lake of choice and she did not show up. We sent out 20 boats and the Warriors anglers managed 78 bass,14 limits,for 128.02 lbs of fish. Not the day that was expected. With only one regular season tournament left the top two teams have pulled away and it is should come down to the last fish caught. Below them the top 10 is up for grabs so don’t be surprise if the AOY leader board makes a few adjustments after the dust settles.With only one more regular season tournament left and you’re are wondering if you qualified for the Classic checkout the points standing if your name has a * next to it you have qualified If you have any question please contact me.Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Austin Disbro & Jay Durinich with 9.04 lbs. Coming in4th was Steve & Cody Hayes with 9.94 lbs. 3rd went to Ayden Parks & Hunter with 10.18 lbs, 2nd place went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 10.20 lbs. Top Honors went to Dennis & Justin French with 10.54 lbs. Big Fish went to Hunter with a nice fish going 3.82 lbs

Februry lake choice

OK guys here we go, This months lake choice is Lake Harris. We will be launching from Hickory Point. We will be set up in front of the restrooms on the sidewalk. Safe light is 6:30 am so please be paid and signed by 6:00am. Keep in mind you cannot go beyond the 441 bridge, Lets go fishing!

January Tournament

Down the home stretch we go, Only two regular season tournament remain and it looks like the Angler of year is down to a two team race. From 3rd down it has really tightened up and is gong to be fun to watch it unfold. January is normally a very tough month but coming off of the coldest week of the year so far and into a upper 90′s and a full moon had all the anglers thinking it was going to a fish fest. Lake Cypress was this months lake and even though expectations was high the giants did not show. The fishing was better for most but Big Girls are still not quite ready to play. We sent out 25 boats on a beautiful day and the Warriors angler managed to bring to the scales 96 bass,15 limits,7 fish over 4lbs, 3 over 5 lbs, & 1 6lber for a total of 174.62 lbs of fish. Not a bad day but still not what was expected. Rounding out the money spots in 6th place was Alex & Brenden with 9.38 lbs. Coming in 5th was Barry & Wendy Norton with 10.34 lbs. 4th went to Chris & Travis Miller with 11.70lb that bag was anchored by the days Big Fish that went 6.68 lbs. Finishing in 3rd place was Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 12.18 lbs. First runner up went to Bud Morin & Richard Ralston with a nice bag going 12.64 lbs. Top Honors go to Kevin Heard & Ayden Parks with the days best bag tipping the scales at 14.06 lb. They were also this months Anglers of the Month so that landed them an additional $120 bonus.Congrats to all the winners!

Guys just a reminder there are several teams that still need one or two tournaments to qualify for this years Classic. If you have a * next to your name you have qualified. You need 8 tournaments fished to make it.

December Tournament

Merry Christmas Everyone, We have 8 tournments in the books and for December the weather was pretty good. After a cool start the sun came out and started to warm just in time for the winds to pick up but all in all a nice day on the water. December fishing is usually tough and this was a typical December fishing day. Some guys caught them good while other were left shaky their head. Lake Kissimmee was this months lake and she was in a strange mood. We sent out 24 boats and the Warriors anglers managed to catch 79 fish, only 8 limits,6 fish over 4lbs,2 over 6lbs, for a total of 184.96 pounds of bass caught. Not a bad day just not what you would expect for the fishery. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Richard Murling fishing with a guess Dennis with 10.72 lbs, Coming in 4th was Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with 11.28 lbs.3rd place went to Art Hill with 13.72 lbs. First runner up was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 14.00 lbs Top Honors went to the team of Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with a great bag tipping the scale at 17.56 lbs. Big fish of the day that also took over the lead of Big Fish of the year was Brian Narthway with a Kissimmee giant going 8.70 lbs.Congrats to all the winners

November Tournament

Turning toward the home stretch, With the completion of the November tournament we have reached the final stretch.Its been a great year so far, the weather has cooled of and the fishing should get better each month. This months lake choice was Eustis. This is a new lake for the club and the first time there. Some of the anglers had never been there and all caught fish with the exception of one team that had boat issues and left early and I’m confident they would have caught them to. We sent out 17 boats and the Warriors anglers managed 65 fish,10 limits, 2 fish over 4 lbs &1 over 5 lbs for a total of 126.26 lbs of bass. That’s a pretty good showing on a new body of water. Rounding out the money spots is 4th place was Tom Crawford & John Young with 11.06 lbs. Coming in 3rd and continuing there hot streak on the Harris Chain was Mike Grno & Gary Forbes with 11.10 lbs. 2nd went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 11.16 lbs. Top Honors went to a new member to our club Welcome Chris Novak weighing in 13.16 lbs on his first tournament nice job. Big Fish went to Bud Morin with a Eustis stud tipping the scales at 5.80 lbs. Small limit went to Danny Hinton & Nathan Haystead with a bag coming in at 7.04 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.

October Tournament

October marks the half way point in the season. It has been a great year so far but the season seems to be flying by. Still a lot of fishing left but it will be Classic time before you know it. This months lake of choice was Lake Kissimmee and the fish have started to move up a bit. They are still not bunched up in numbers but they will bite when you find them. But it is October and with that comes those pesky winds. The wind blew most of the day out of the east or south east making it hard to fish just any were. Most of the guys managed to catch a few with a couple getting them good. We sent out 22 boats and the Warriors Anglers brought in 67 bass,7 limits,5 fish over 4 lbs,1 over 6 lbs for a total of 134.24 lbs of fish caught. Not to bad for a October. Rounding out the money spots in 5th was Lee Barbee & Mike Carnes with 10.16lbs. Coming in 4th was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 10.86 lbs, 3rd place went to Don & Ken Callaghan with 13.80 lbs. 2nd went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 17.34 lbs. Top Honors went to Dale Pitstik & Richard Murling with 18.50 lbs. That bags was anchored by the days big fish caught by Dale going 6.06 lbs. Congrates to all the winners