October on the Big O

Were are half way thru the season and that means the October get a way tournament.This years choice was once again Lake Okeechobee. For the first time this was a two day event and the weather condition would play a factor. The first real cold front of the year shows up on Friday and that means cooler weather but high winds. The Warriors guys are up to the challenge! 18 boats set out on day one with 20 plus MPH winds out of the north west taking many spots out of play. The day one weights were down a bit but everyone manage to catch fish. Day one leader was the team of Dillon Johnson & Scott Hair with a nice bag going 13.28 lbs. Day one big fish went to Jonny Bass with a pig going 7.28 lbs.
Day two the winds turn and blow 20 + out of the north east. The fishing was a little tougher but as the day went on they still bit pretty good. In all everyone had a great time can not wait till next year. Rounding out the money spots in 7th place was Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with a two day total of 16.20 lbs. 6th  went to Kevin & Lisa Heard with 17.36 lbs. 5 place was Shelton Smith & Kenny Bush with 18.156 lbs.4th goes to Ray Alexander & Garrett Croft with 20.48 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Zach Frye with 25.12 lbs 2nd place was Scott Hair & Dillon Johnson with 25.16 lbs Top Honors go to Jonny Bass & Josh Dizzine  with a two day total of 27.22. That was anchored by the day two big fish tipping the scale at 7.56 lbs. Great job everyone.

September Tournament

With the start of fall cooler weather is no were to be seen. As we reach the half way mark of the season the summer heat is still hanging around. With little to no wind it was a tough day but it still beats working. Lake Kissimmee was this months lake of choice and although every team caught a fish most reported the bite being very slow. as always some teams figure them out. Rounding out the money spots in 4th place was Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with 11.60 lbs. Third went to Logan & Charlie with 14.84 lbs. Second place was the team of Shelton Smith & Kenny Bush with 15.57 lbs. Top honors go to Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with a nice bag tipping the scales at 17.72 lbs. Big Fish went to Vince Edwards with a nice fish going 6.08 lbs. Great job guys.

Do Not forget we WILL NOT meet at the restaurant next month we will be on Okeechobee and will meet at the ramp (Scott Driver) Give me a call if you have any questions.

August Tournament

The August tournament is in the books! This month lake of choice was Alligator Lake. While her reputation was a lake that fish’s tough the fishing was pretty good. We finally got off of the full moon and had some wind, both of these help make the fishing better. As we approach the half way mark the points race just keeps getting tighter. Last month there was six teams tied for the top three spots after this one was added up there are five teams tied for the top three spots. Going to fun down the stretch. Rounding out the money spots in 4th place was the team of Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with 9.74 lbs. Coming in third was Brian & Titus Fish with 10.70 lbs. Second went to Tane Crossley & Mike with 10.92 lbs. Top honors went to Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with 13.42 lbs. Big Fish went to Tane Crossly with a nice fish going 6.46 lbs.

Don’t forget to book yours room for Okeechobee its only a few months away.

July Tournament

As the weather heats up so does the points race. This months lake of choice was West Lake Toho and as expected it was hot, it was humid, and it was very uncomfortable. At one time we thought about moving to Alaska but cooler days are coming. The fishing is still slow even with a slow bite all but one team manage to catch that all important keeper. We had 92 bass,15 limits, 7 fish over 4lbs, two over 6lbs for a total of 196.23 lbs of bass caught. Great job guys. With the third stop in the books the points race is as tight as ever. Going to be fun watching this unfold. On another note the anglers voted on a couple of items this morning. The October tournament has been set we are going to Okeechobee out of Scott Driver and we are going to a 2 day event.( For Octobers tournament only) The tournament date will be on October 22 & 23. The December tournament will be the 31st of December to move it off of Christmas Eve.. Rounding out the money spots coming in 4th was the team of Steve Chiavini & John Zerkle with 12.52 lbs. 3rd place went to Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with 13.08 lbs.First runner up fishing alone was Billy Bauknight with a nice bag going 17.36 lbs. Top honors go to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with a very nice bag of fish on a tough day tipping the scales at 18.02 lbs. Big Fish went To Kevin Heard( And no i did not spell Lisa wrong) with a hog going 6.78 lbs.


June Tournament


Did I mention it was hot today. The dog days of summer are upon us and there seems to be no end in site. With temperatures reaching the upper 90′s and little wind the conditions were brutal. Add in we are coming off of the full moon and oh yea Lake Gentry not the most enjoyable  day to be out there. That being said 21 boats set out to tackle this little monster and all but one manage to catch fish. Even with the bad conditions the Warriors anglers managed 14 limits not bad considering. Rounding out the money spots: Small limit went to the same team that set the Warriors record last month for largest limit ever weighed in (29.33 lbs.) with a five fish limit tipping the scales at 4.60 lbs. Fourth place went to Kurt Huff & Bud Morin with 7.38 lbs. Coming in third was Steve Chiavini & John Zerkle with 8.17 lbs. Second goes to Ray Alexander & Garrett Croft with 9.46 lbs. Top Honor went to Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with a nice bag of fish going 11.14 lbs. Big Fish went to Garrett Croft with a Gentry stud weighing in at 5.74 lbs.

May Tournament

The say that fishing is one of the most humbling sports on earth. Today the Warriors anglers got see that first hand. For the first tournament of the season we drew Lake Marion. For some of the guys it was like the fish went to mars. There were bait fish every were but bass bites were no were to be found. For the others it was game on right from the start so it really depended on were you started. With the shad hatch in full swing the guys that found them crushed them. The Club record for a five fish limit ( Formally belong to Elton Dufrain at 25.58 lbs.)was broke y Billy Myers  & Barry Norton with a giant sack of fish going 29.33 lbs. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Kurt Stage & Scott Adams with 13.92 lb. Coming in 4th was Art Hill & Eric Travis with 14.20 lbs. Third place went to Steve Civini & John Zerkce with 15.08 lbs. 2n place was Brian Fish with a great bag going 20.24 lbs. Top Honors go to Billy Myers & Barry Norton with a monster bag tipping the scales at 29.33 lb. Big Fish went to Billy Myers with a hog going 7.44 lbs.

Guys we have 6 new teams this year so make sure to say hello and make sure they know their welcome.