June Tournament

And the club keeps growing, With all the new members the club has grown crazy this year. We do welcome all the new teams but it will be challenge to keep everything straight. I wold lie to thank everyone we had several members step up and it is greatly appreciated. East Lake Toho was this month lake of choice and with all the unstable weather and extremely low water levels the fishing was pretty good for most of the teams. We sent out 34 teams this month and the Warriors anglers brought in 154 bass,30 limits, 7 fish over 5 lbs, 3 over 6 and big fish over 8lb for a total of 278.67 lbs of fish. That’s a pretty good day on the pond for the club. With 34 boats this month we paid out 7 placed plus small limit, Rounding out the money spots in 7th was.Mike Grno &Gary Forbes with 12.70 lbs. Coming in 6th was Kyle & Art with 12.78 lbs, 5th went to Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with13.21 lbs. Coming in 4th was Brian & Dylan Northway with 14.34 that bag was anchored by the days Big Fish going 8.72 lbs caught by Dylan (Bean may be in trouble). We have a tie for 2nd between Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes plus Austin Disbro & Jay Durnich both with 15.22 lbs. Top Honors went to Dustin Jenkins &             with a great East Lake bag tipping the scales at 15.52 lbs. Great job guys and we will see everyone next month.

June lake

OK guys her we go!, This months lake is East Lake Toho. We will launch out of St. Cloud Lake Front Park. Safe Light is 6:00am so sign ups will begin at 5:00am. Please be paid and signed in by 5:30am so we can get launched on time. Good Luck Everyone.

21 seaseon is underway

With the May tournament complete the clubs 21st season is officially under way. Looks like its going to be the biggest year to so far. We set a club record for opening tournament of 32 boats with not all the regulars even there. Looks like it going to be a busy year. May is the start of summer and she showed up to say hi. Mid day temperature reach the upper 90′s made for a early reminder its going to get hotter. West Lake Toho was this months lake of choice and with the warm temps and very low water the fishing was pretty good. The Warriors anglers managed to catch 149 bass,28 limits,13 fish over 4 lbs,7 over 5 lbs, 2 over 6 lbs & 1 over 7 for 327.67 lbs of fish caught. That’s a pretty good showing.We do need to welcome some new members this year so make sure to let them know were glad there here. Rounding out the money spots in 7th place was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 17.00 lbs, Coming in 6th was Tom Crawford & John Young with 17.26 lbs. 5th went to Art Hill & Shawn Gibbons with 17.80 lbs. Coming in 4th was Shelton Smith & Ken Bush with 18.94 lbs. 3rd wet to Tom & Derek Matush with 19.02 lbs. First runner up was Austin Disbro & Jay Durnich with 19.68 lbs. 1st place went to a new team of Devon Dickerson & Grady Johnson with 2024 lbs. Big Fish went to Ken Bush with a Toho pig going 7.16 lbs. Great start to the year can’t wait for next month.

May Lake choice

Well guys here we go our 21 season is under way. The first lake of the year will be West Lake Toho. We will launch from Lakefront Park. Safe light looks like 6:00 am so we will start sign ups at 5:00am. Please be signed in no later than 5:30 am to allow time to get started at safe light. Good Luck Everyone.