Warriors Classic

Well the 20th season of the club is in the books and I think this could have been our best year so far. We had record number of teams give us a try with 21 teams qualifying for the Classic. After it appeared that we had a run away in AOY it ended up just 3 point between 1st & 2nd with 1 point between 3rd &4th. We had good weights on almost every tournament and we added 2 new lakes to the mix. All in all a great year. The Classic for a year like this did not disappoint, Lake Kissimmee was the day one lake and she was pretty good to most of the teams in a steady 20+ MPH wind  21 boats the Warriors anglers managed 86 bass,15 limits,9 fish over 4 lbs,5 over 5 lbs,& 2 over 6 lbs for 212.06 lbs of fish. Day 1 top 3 teams was 1st. Austin & Jay with 20.52 lbs, 2nd Bud & Richard with 18.60 lb, & Jake for 16.00 lbs. The days Big Fish went to Tom & Derek with a pig going 6.96 lbs. Day 2 lake was West Lake Toho and it she was in  good mood as well, The wind did lay down a bit but still blew steady 15 to 20 all day the Warriors guys still shined bring in 103 bass, 7 over 4 lb,2 over 5 lb, & 1 over 7 for 247.15 lb of bass. The days Big Fish went to Richard with a hog tipping the scales at 7.36 lb. This was a great showing in not the best conditions just shows that you keep your head down and just fish. Congrats to Dale Pitsik & Glen Dampier this years Anglers of the Year. Congrats to Brian Northway with the Big Fish of the Year with a giant going 8.04 lbs.The Classic standing are a follows.

21st. Will & Amy, 20th Jake & Ron,19th 18th Tom & John,17th Kevin & Ayden,16th Brian & Jonny, Joe & Eric, 14th Daren & Pete, 13th Mike & Gary, 12th Don & Darrell, 11 Art & Shawn, 10th Vince & Dale, 9th Tom & Derek,8th Lee & Mike, 7th Alex & Brandon, 6thAustin & Jay, 5th Chris & Travis,4th Dale & Glen, 3rd Tane & Jake, 2nd Steve & Cody, And this years Warriors Classic Champions are Bud Morin & Richard Ralston congrats everyone you were all winners.