May Tournament

Were off and running, With the arrival of spring comes that start of a new Warriors season. Everyone is excited to get stated and the weather was pretty good. A cool start turned into a warm day but with a lite wind it was a very nice day to spend on the water. Alligator lake was the opening lake of choice¬† and as she has the last few times we have been there the fishing continues to get better.23 boats set out and all manage to find some fish but as usual a few wrecked them. We need to take a minute to welcome all the new teams the club is growing and we are excited that they joined us and hope everyone has a great time. Rounding out the money spots in 4th place was Joe Lewis & John Bettencourt with 11.11 lbs. 3rd place went to Ray Alexander & Garrett Croft with 12.10 lbs. Coming in second was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with12.22 lbs. Top honors went to Kevin & Lisa Heard (putting everyone on notice) with a giant bag of Alligator fish tipping the scales at 19.14 lbs. That bag was anchored by today’s big fish that went 6.64 lbs.