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September Touranament

Finally some cooler weather, With October right around the corner the cool fronts are starting to get a little closer. We will soon go from complaining about the heat to complaining about the wind. But for now it was nice not to sweat. East Lake Toho was this months lake and the fishing was pretty good for most of the anglers. We sent out 22 boats and the Warriors anglers manage to catch 95 bass,18 limits,9 fish over 3 lbs, 6 over 4 lbs for 175.50 lbs of fish. That was a good showing on this fishery. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Tom Crawford & John Young with 12.20 lbs. Coming in 4th was Bud Morin & Richard Ralston with 12.40 lbs. Third went to Don & Ken Callaghan with 12.50 lbs, Coming in 2nd was Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 12.60 lbs. Top Honors went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 16.90 lbs. Big Fish went to Richard Ralston with a East Lake pig tipping the scales at 4.90 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.

August Tournament

The Hot days of summer continues, The morning started off pretty nice but as the sun got higher and clouds seem to go away it was another hot one. It was a lot better than last month so we do seem to be headed in the right direction. This months choice was Lake Harris and even though it was warm most of the anglers managed to catch a few. Based on all reports at the weigh in (and we know fishermen never lie) the bite was tough. We sent out 18 boats and the Warriors Anglers brought in 75 bass,12 limits,but only 4 fish over 3 lbs, for a total of 127.26 lbs of fish. a much better month than the last few. It was our first time to the Harris Chain and not a bad showing considering some have not been here before. Rounding out the money spots in 4th place was Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 9.27 lbs, Coming in 3rd was Austin Disbro & Jay Durinich with 9.40 lbs. 2nd went to Ron & Jacob Devault with 9.95 lbs. Top Honors went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 10.92 lbs. Big Fish went to Jacob Devault with a Harris Pig going 3.70 lbs. Congrates to all the winners

August Lake Choice

Here we go, This months Lake is Harris. We will meet Hickory Point Recreation Park (27341 State Road 19 Tavares FL 32778). Sign up are from 5:30 am to 6:00 am. lease try to be signed up by 6:00 am to help us get launched on time. You can fish Lake Harris,Little Harris,and Denham. The cut off is the 441 bridge on the Dead River.

July Tournament

Well another scorcher another tough tournament, With temperatures in the upper 90′s and high humidity the heat index was over 100 degrees by late morning. This coupled with low & hot water was a recipe for a tough day on the water. The club did vote before take off to shorten the day to a 1:00 pm weigh in to lessen the impacts. The wind did pick up late in the morning and that did help some.  Lake Kissimmee was this months lake choice and as expected she dealt the Warriors anglers another very tough day. 22 boats set out on what was a very nice morning to start with and the Warriors teams managed to land 45 bass, 8 fish over 3 lbs but only 1over 4 lbs,only 2 limits, for a total of 92.78 lbs of fish. Another average performance for the guys. I think I speak for most when i say bring on some cooler weather. Rounding out the money sots in 5th place was Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with 8.20 lbs, 4th went to Mike Grno & Gary Forbes with 8.60 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Tom Matush with 8.90 lbs. 2nd went to Art Hill with 9.12 lbs., Top Honors go to Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 16.74 lbs that bag was anchored by the days Big Fish caught by Dale that went 6:00 lbs.

July Tournament

After a record setting performance last month along comes Lake Marion. The Warriors opening tournament saw all 28 boats fill out a limit. This month we draw Lake Marion and what is normally a tough lake she was in a bad mood and took it out on every angler there. We sent out 24 boats and not one limit was recorded with only 2 teams catching four fish. The Warriors anglers managed only 22 bass,0 limits,13 zeros, 5 fish over 4 lbs,3 over 5lbs, and 2 over 6 for a total of 74.96.pounds of bass brought in. This was the clubs toughest day I can remember but keep in mind it still beats mowing grass . Rounding out the money spots in 6th place was Art Hill & Shawn Gibben with 7.77 lbs. Coming in 5th was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 8.56 lbs. 4th went to Jonny Bass & Chris with 8.98 lbs.3rd went to Chris & Travis Miller with 9.22 lbs. coming in 2nd was Austin Disbro & Jay Durinich with 11.90 Lbs. Top Honors went to Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 13.82 lbs. Big Fish went to Glen Dampier with a Marion Hog tipping the scale s at 7.36 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.


June Lake Choice

OK Warriors Guys this months lake is going to be Lake Marion.

We will start sign ups at 5:00 am at the ramp, Safe light is 6:00 am this month so you must be paid and signed in by 5:30 am to allow time for us to get everything done and launch by 6:00am.

May Tournament 20th season

Can’t believe its been 20 years since this thing started. What started with a conversation at lunch has turned into a great bass club full of great people all sharing what they love to do. The clubs main objective is to give the weekend angler someplace to compete and mostly have fun and we do just that.This year is going to be a little different as we have a new format and a couple new lakes. We will for the first time start meeting at the ramp this will make so you do not need to meet at 4:30 am giving us enough time to get to a few new lakes. With a vote by the members we are adding in two new stops on the Harris chain. If Harris is chosen we will launch from Hickory Point and the anglers must stay on Harris. If Eustis is chosen you may run all lake except Harris. Wit any change comes challenges that will need to be worked  out as they arise. Looking forward to the new season.  The first tournament of the new year was on West Lake Toho and she did not let us down We sent out a record 28 boats and the warriors anglers managed to bring in140 bass,28 limits,17 fish over 4 lbs, 6 over 5 lbs, and 4 over 6 lbs for a total of 359.74 lbs bass, and we only had 2 fish not released  that’s a great day o the water. Rounding out the money spots in 7th place was Kevin & Lisa Heard with 16.14 lbs. Coming in 6th was Chris & Travis Miller with 16.45 lbs. 5th went to Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with16.50 lbs, Coming in 4th was Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 17.98 lbs, 3rd went to Richard Murling with18.10 lbs. 2nd was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 19.12 lbs. Top Honors went to Shelton Smith & Ken Bush with21.82 lbs. The days Big Bass went to Darrell Daugherty with a TOHO HOG going 6.78 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.