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June Tournament

Well summer has arrived, For the next 4 months it will get them in the morning and head for a shade tree. With a small breeze picking up and some cloud cover it was just bearable. Lake Marion was this months lake of choice and the fishing was pretty good for some real good for others and then really bad for the rest. We had 27 boats and the anglers manage to catch 76 bass,only 8 limits,6 fish over 5lbs. for a total of 219.18 lbs of fish. It just depended on were you fished. We did get two new teams this month so welcome Kurt Huff & Dan Chesko. also Randy Monteney hope you guys had fun. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with 13.33 lbs. Coming in fourth was Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with 14.30 lbs. Third place went to one of the new teams Randy Monteney with 15.08 lbs. First runners up in 2nd was Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with 16.17 lbs. Top Honors go to  Shelton Smith & Steve Pennington with a great bag going 20.68 lbs. Big fish went to Shelton Smith with a nice fish tipping the scales at 5.88 lbs.

Warriors Anglers Wreck them on Toho

WOW what a way too start the season! With the approaching storm the fish were eating like crazy and the Warriors guys made them pay. West Lake Toho was the season opener lake of choice and with a little wind and some clouds the fish went crazy. We had 25 boats to start the season and all but one caught a limit. We had 121 bass caught,10 over 5 lbs, 2 over six lbs, 24 limits, for a grand total of 338.90 lbs of bass brought to the scales. That’s a 13.55 lb average. Way to go guys can’ wait till next month. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Brandon Pascual & Brent Carter with 16.92 lbs. Coming in 4th was Chris Dover & Max Rowe with 16.98 lbs. 3rd place went to Billy Bauknight & Brian Deaton with 17.77 lbs. 2nd went to defending Anglers of the year Shelton Smith & Kenny Bush with a nice bag going 21.80 lbs. Top Honor went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with a great bag going 22.42 lbs. Big Fish went to no other that Lisa Heard with a TOHO TOAD tipping the scales at 7.34 lbs. Congrates to all the winners>