Monthly Archives: September 2021

September Tournament

What a crazy tournament, The first tournament of fall end up being a crazy event. After drawing out lake Gentry and determining the ramp and dock would not allow the club to safely launch we were forced to go to the alternate. Lake Marion was the alternate choice chosen so off we went. The weather was good, water level was up the ditches were running so everything was in place for a great event. Someone forgot to tell the fish. It seemed as there were three tournaments going on. Some¬† teams caught them good, some caught enough to get points and the rest really struggled. All came down to if you stopped on them or not.25 boats set out and the club managed to catch 46 bass,5 limits,4 fish over 5 lbs,1 over 6 lbs, for a total of 122 lbs of fish. That’s pretty slim pic-ken’s for this group of anglers. Rounding out the money spots in 5th was Billy Myers & Barry Norton with 9.78 lbs. 4th went to Billy Bauknight & Brian Deaton with 13.18 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with13.46 lbs. They were this months anglers of the month so they picked up a extra $30. 2nd went to Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 16.60 lbs. Top honors went to Shelton Smith & Brandon Blondeel with¬† 17.12 lbs. The days Big Fish went to the team of Gene Treadway & Will Barber for a great fish going 6.16 lbs. Congrats to all the winners.