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August Tournament

Warriors anglers get a break from the heat and make them pay. Normally a tournament at the end of August is nothing short of Brutal. With Hurricane brewing in the Gulf and cloudy conditions the anglers got a break and the fish showed up. East Lake Toho was this months lake of choice and the fishing was pretty good for most. 20 boats set out to tackle this lake that can at times be very tough in the summer. The Warriors anglers manage to bring in 90 bass,17 limits,12 fish over 3 lbs, 2 over 7 lbs and a 8 lb stud for a total of 199..67 lbs of fish. That’s a great day on this body of water. Rounding out the money spots with the days small limit was Steve & Cody Hayes with 7.14 lbs. Coming in 4th was the team of Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with 12.29 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Gene Treadway & Will Barnes with 12.53 lbs. 2nd went to Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 14.58 lbs. Top Honors went to a returning Team of Shelton Smith & Brandon Blondeel with a East Lake Monster Bag tipping the scales at 25.76 lbs. That bag was anchored by a 8.18 lb toad along with a its little sister that went 7.50 lbs. Great job everyone!