Monthly Archives: May 2021

May Tournament

With this months tournament we start our 18th season. With returning teams and a few new ones we are off and running. With 21 boats to start this year and the beginning of the end of spring summer is right around the corner. A mild start to the day soon turned into warm and windy. The wind really seem to make it difficult to fish but in normal Warriors fashion they guys got it done. Alligator Lake was the first stop this year and for difficult conditions the fishing was pretty good. Warrior anglersĀ  managed 90 bass,16 limits,but only one fish over 4 lbs for a total of 266..52 lbs of fish. Not a bad start. We have a few new guys so take a minute to say hi to Billy Smith & Nick Billick, Gene Treadway & Will Barber,Nick Emmons & Dave Barber. Welcome back to Kurt Huff & Ben Barber, Scott Hair & Cody Pardon. Welcome guys hope you had a fun day. Rounding out the money spots in 4th was Gene Treadway & Will Barber with 9.58 lbs, 3rd Went to Richard Murling & Weston Curry with 9.60 lbs,2was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 9.66 lbs. Top Honors went to Last years A.O.Y. Dale Pitstik & Glen Dampier with 10.12 lbs. Big Fish honors went to Gene Treadway with a nice fish tipping the scales at 4.12 lbs. Small Limit went to Lee Barber & Mike Carnes with 5.70 lbs. Congrats to all the winners