Monthly Archives: February 2021

February Tournament

You gotta love spring weather, February can be one of the greatest months of the year to get out on the water. This was one for the books, After one a brutal day last month Mother Nature dialed up a beauty. Warm temps , lite wind just enough clouds made for a great day to be on the water. East Lake Toho was this months lake choice and it seems that the spawn is in full swing. There were plenty of fish to be caught but finding the big girls was the clue. 18 boats set out and the anglers caught 87 bass,17 limits, no zero’s,14 bags over 8 lbs,7 over 10 lbs,but only 1 fish over 4 pounds for a total of 172.58 lbs of fish, Pretty good showing. Rounding out the money spots in 3rd place was Tane Crossly & Jake Lewis with 12.82 lbs. Coming in 2nd was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 12.86 lbs. Top honors go to Don Callaghan & Richard Ralston with 12.98 lbs. Big Fish went to Billy Bauknight with a nice fish going 4.64 lbs.Small limit went to Ron & Jake Devault with a five fish limit tipping the scales at 5.50 lbs Congrats to allĀ  the winners.

One Regular season tournament left before the Classic. On the listing if there is a * before your name you have qualified for the Classic. There are couple of teams that need to fish the last tournament to qualify. If you have any questions give me a shout.