October Tournament

October in the books, Finally good weather to fish. With the arrival of fall comes better weather. Coming out of one of the wettest and hottest summers we have had in a while it was nice to have some good fishing weather. Alligator lake as this months lake of choice and the fishing was pretty normal for this fishery. Plenty of fish to be caught but good ones were hard to come by. 15 boats set out on a beautiful day and the Warriors anglers manage to catch 73 bass, 13 limits, no zero’s, only one fish over 3 lbs for a total of 88.32 lbs. Not a stellar day but most seem to have fun. As usual a few manage to catch enough to edge out the field. Rounding out the money spots in 3rd was Mike Grno & Gary Forbes with 7.78 lbs. Coming in second was Ron & Jake Devault with 9.48 lbs. Top Honor went to Lee Barbee & Tim with 11.06 lbs That bag was anchored the days Big Fish at 6.08 lbs caught by Tim. Small limit went to Tom Crawford & John Young with a Alligator limit tipping the scales at 4.30 lbs. Congrats to all the winners. Next months Anglers of the Month will be Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes ad the A O T M pot will be $90

Do not forget the next Warriors One Man tournament will on November 7th out of Buzzard Beach on Lake Eustis Hope. Also Sunday afternoon tournaments start on November 1. The first one is on East Lake out of the city ramp starting at 12:00 pm

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