Monthly Archives: June 2020

June Tournament

HOT HOT HOT,The dog days of summer are upon us, Welcome to Florida in June. 96 degrees no wind and high humidity was the recipe and it made for a scorcher on the lake. Add in rising water scattering the fish at 91 degrees and that’s about as tough as you can get. Lake Cypress was this months lake of choice and with tough conditions comes tough fishing. With 18 boats the Warriors angler manage to weigh in 49 bass,5 limits,only 1 fish over 4 lbs for a total weight of 56.99 lbs. But as they say it beats mowing grass. Rounding out the money spots in 3rd place was Billy Bauknight & Brian Deaton with 8.47 lbs. Coming in 2nd was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 8.86 lbs. Top honors fishing on trolling motor only was Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with 13.26 lbs. Big Fish went to Dale Pitstik with a Cypress pig going 5.34 lbs. Hoping for better fishing next month.

May Tournament

What a way to start the season, In one of the craziest times we have ever seen Finally Weekend Warriors new Season is under way. After a great Classic the first tournament of the 2020 season was Lake Marion. With the water level up a little big things were expected but the fish did not want to play 20 boats set out and the anglers only manage to land 44 bass, 3 limits, only 2 fish over 4 lbs, for a total of 85.84 lbs. That is one of the toughest starts we have ever had but as usual someone has to win. looking forward to next month. Rounding out the money spots in 4th was the team of Tom Crawford & John Young with 9.66 lbs. Coming in 3rd was Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis with 10.18 lbs. Second went to Mike & Malachi Larson with10.76 lbs. Top Honor and leading the A O Y out of the gate is Kurt Huff & Bud Morin with10.92 lbs. Big Fish went to Mike Larson with a 6.12 lb Marion slab.