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2018 Warrirs Classic

Day one in the books, Alligator Lake was the day 1 lake choice and the fishing was pretty slow. It only took 5.84 lbs to make the top division for day 2. The following are the teams that qualified in division 1: 11th Daren McDermott & Pete Batusis, 10th Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty,9thRay & Chris Alexander,8th Joe Lewis & John Bettencourt, 7th Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis, 6thSteve Chiavini & Scott Hair,5th Billy Myers & Barry Norton, 4th Bobby & Bob Flowers, 3rd Lee Barbee & Mike Carnes, 2nd Richard Murling & Weston Curry, 1st Shelton Smith & Ken Bush.

Day 2 we are on to West Lake Toho and the fishing was much better for most. The lake was very busy but the fish seem to be biting as the weight were way up. All 22 boats did make a check but we are listing the top 5 from each division. Division 1: 5th placeĀ  Ray & Chris Alexander with 10.72 lbs. 4th went to Richard Murling & Weston Curry with 13.88 lbs. 3rd was Steve Chiavini & Scott Hair with 14.26 lbs. 2 place was Shelton Smith & Ken Bush with 16.62 lbs. Division 1 Classic Champs was Tane Crossley & Jake Lewis with 17.34 lbs.

Division 2: 5th place Randy Montoney with 9.90 lbs. 4th was Vince Edwards & Dale Hayes with 11.84 lbs. 3 went to Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with 11.99. 2 place went to Kevin & Lisa Heard with 13.50 lbs. Division 1 Champ Brian Deaton with 20.82 lbs.. Great job everyone se you next month for the start of our 16th Season.