Monthly Archives: March 2019

March Tournament

Another successful season in the books, With the completion of the March tournament the 2018 regular season has come to a end. What a great year it has been. We need to send out some CONGRATS. Congrats to Shelton Smith & Kenny Bush for winning the Anglers of the Year by the largest margin in club history. They are also the only team to reach the 1100 point mark in club history. Congrats to Mike Grno for winning this years Big Fish of the Year with a toad tipping the scales at 8.58 lbs. Great job guys. This months lake of choice was Lake Cypress and the fishing was good for some and tough for others. It seem like the guys that found them caught them good but other really struggled to get a bite. We started with 23 boats and the Warriors guys managed 89 fish,10 over 4 lbs, 3 over 5, and 1 over 6 lbs, for a total of 177.23 lbs of fish great job everyone.The next tournament is the Classic. We will meet at the restaurant on day one and the lakes will be announced then. The entry will be the same as all the other tournaments. You need to have fished 8 regular season tournaments to qualify. If you have any questions please give me a call.