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February Tournament

Toughest tournament of the year, The month of February is supposed to be the start of the spring fishing fest. The  weather was great all week,post full moon, little wind to mix it up. But you never know what the lake is going to throw at you. Lake Marion was this month’s lake of choice and she was in no mood to play. The water was down a bit but still fishable. Most of the anglers struggled but as always a few gets it done. 24 boats set out and the anglers managed to catch only 41 bass, 4 limits for 121.17 lbs of fish. With that there were 7 fish over 4 lbs, 6 over 5 lbs, and 4 over 6 lbs. So the ones that that found them caught the right ones. Rounding out the money spots coming in 4th was Randy Monteney with 9.89 lbs. 3rd place went to Barry Norton with 12.34 lbs. 2nd was Dale Pitstik & Glenn Dampier with 13.34 lb. Top Honors go to a team without a fish at 12:30  pulling up to the right spot a wrecking them Joe Lewis & John Bettencourt with 20.50 lbs. That bag was anchored by a pair of 6 pounder one that capture today’s Big Fish pot tipping the scales at 6.16 lbs.  Great job guys on a tough day.