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November Tournament

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, This is the time of year to remember everything we have to be thankful for. With the northeast getting bitter cold and snow, the west on fire we are here fishing a club tournament in shorts the worse thing about today was a little wind. All in all we have it pretty good. This months lake of choice was Alligator and the fishing was somewhat slow most manage to catch a few. Warriors anglers caught 108 bass,4 over 4 lbs, 2 over 5 lbs for a total of 153.00 lbs. Not bad for Alligator. Rounding out the money spots in 5th place was Bud Morin & Kurt Huff with 8.74 lbs. Coming in 4th was Randy Montoney with 8.86 lbs. 3rd place went to Don Callaghan & Darrell Daugherty with 9.48 lbs. First runner up in 2nd was Shane Summers & Jacob with 11.22 lbs. Top Honors went to Jacob & Josh DeVault with 12.88 lbs. Big Fish was Shane Summers with a Alligator pig tipping the scales at 6.10 lb. Congrats to all the winners.

Do Not forget we have the next Sunday tournament on December 2nd out of East Lake. And on December 29th we have the Big Fish of the Hour on West Lake out of Kissimmee lake front park.